Gardening For the Modern Man

Reposted from Drafts on October 30, 2019

I always come up with great titles for books but never get around to writing them. Gardening for the Modern Man is one I’ve had in my back pocket for a few years now. I really like it, and I imagine a man in a spacesuit planting vegetables on the moon for the cover. It’s all very much alive in my head.

The book wouldn’t necessarily be about gardening–at least it wouldn’t have to be. I had a vision of a collection of short stories first, then a kind of cheeky book of gardening tips with a really masculine tone (but I don’t actually know anything about gardening), then I thought maybe it would be a love story, but I think I’m back on the short-story-collection idea now.

I ordered a straight razor online last week. I’d been thinking about trying it for a while, but they’re a little expensive and the thought of sliding a knife across my face scared me a little. But it’s en route, I found a guy on reddit who gets older ones and does them up so that they’re good to go and ships them from New York State.

Lately I’ve been using a double-edged safety razor, which is a good segway to the straight razor, I figure. I always found that with the disposable BICs that my dad still uses, or the more expensive three or four blade pieces, I had razor burn on my neck. It’s too many blades!

Also, this is the first time I’ve had a tracking number for a package and though it’s nice to know where my razor is, it’s also kind of a pain. For instance, it’s been in Chicago since Wednesday night, and it ‘arrived’ at another Chicago facility twice on Thursday morning before being ‘Processed Through Facility’ THREE TIMES last night. I don’t need these gory details, I just want to shave.

EDIT (30-10-19): Love the straight razor. I hardly shave anymore, but it’s great for the high cheeks that don’t grow much hair and the neck. I haven’t been using it recently because I gave away my leather strop and haven’t gotten around to buying a vegan one yet.

Fridays are my Mondays, have I said that before? The weekend has a whole new meaning when you’re in the restaurant/bar/brewery tasting room business. It’s been interesting getting used to, because before I’d work weekends while I was in school during the week and I was just busy all the time. That was just how it had to be.

Now everyone else is excited to be off work for the week and I’m just starting. I’m not complaining, because I really like my schedule, but work is work. It’s nice that everyone is excited though, nothing’s worse than having depressed customers. I couldn’t imagine doing customer service in a role where people have to see you. Nobody comes to the brewery because they have to, right?

I imagine working at a bank is tough, or for a telecommunications company. You have to deal with all the stupid backwards policies that your company has and nobody is excited to come see you. It must be so demoralizing, and you don’t even make tips!

I’m really excited for a guaranteed minimum income because it’ll make it so that companies have to compensate people who work nasty jobs far more, because they won’t have to work. Will it complicate things? Probably. But in a good way.

When people are dependant on the meagre income from demoralizing work because that’s the way society is structured, maybe it’s a bad structure.