On Days Where You Eat A Lot of Bread

Reposted from Drafts on October 30, 2019

I think it was yesterday that I explored the fact that I generally only write in the morning, and if I wrote in the evening I’d probably talk a lot less about my breakfast. It’s the evening now and so far I’ve been staring at the blank page for a good half hour. But I didn’t once consider writing about my breakfast. So there you have it.

Master of None is officially my favourite show. I burned through season two in a couple days and LOVED it. Season one was the best thing to happen to Netflix and maybe humanity ever, and season two is a thousand times better. I was so inspired by it that I spent a good hour earlier today watching Aziz on different talk shows.

He does a bit with Fallon where they read bad Yelp reviews (Aziz doing the business owner, and Jimmy doing the customer) which is pretty good. They also do one where they read bad romantic texts, those are good but also very sad.

Why do so many late night shows have a guy off to the side that just kind of chimes in here and there, basically like a hype man? Stephen Colbert has Jon Batiste and he just laughs and says stupid little nonsense from off camera. Musically he’s fantastic though.

The one Fallon has is actually pretty funny though. He has some good moments. I’d recommend “Hashtags: #MomQuotes”. It’s worth a watch. (Can’t believe I’m recommending YouTube clips from late night TV now).

I think I might introduce a fiction component to the website. I have a lot of stupid ideas for stories and I usually don’t ever do anything with them (and that’s when they even make it out of my mind and into a word document). I remember when I first started the blog years ago and I had two other ‘writers’: Esmeraldo, the surfer-poet in Santa Monica, and Mac Shekoda, a journalist from the future.

I had a lot of fun with those, and when I was living in Australia I even used the blog as a writing sample for a couple journalist jobs (looking back I can’t figure out why I would’ve thought that was a good idea).

Anyway, it may have been a phone interview, I can’t remember, but I guess because I’m such a phenomenal character-creator the hiring-person reading my website thought that there actually were three writers at the website.

She gave me the weirdest sigh when I said that all three were me. I guess it’s no surprise I didn’t end up with the job.

I wonder what happened to the people who got the job instead of me, not just in that scenario, but all of them. Was I meant to be where I am right now, doing what I’m doing? Or did I just not try hard enough? Was I doomed from the start? These are some existential questions I’ll always think about, but they’re not productive.

EDIT (30-10-19): Don’t try to predict the future, don’t dwell on the past. I had no idea where I was going when I wrote this post (still don’t), but things have dramatically changed for me and it’s been an incredible ride. Don’t sweat the small things, believe in yourself, and go out and get what you want.

It’d be interesting to see how those people are doing though. Are they still working in the radio stations that I applied to? The people who had a bit more experience and always edged me out, the college grad. Do they like it?

In the end, thinking about that is kind of a waste of time though, isn’t it?