Questionable Miso Soup

I’m getting very close to launching the store, I think. I’ve got one solid mug design and I’ve seen some mock-ups that look good, so that’s a start, and I have a couple more ideas in the works. Now I just need to set up the store and lock in a supplier.

It’s exciting for me, but also terrifying. I might start advertising, or hanging around street corners with a sandwich board and a megaphone. And I’m going to have to jack up the quality of the blog too, because lets be honest, everything I write is nonsense.

I’ve found that sushi is a lot less enjoyable as a vegetarian. I still love it, because even the veggie rolls are good, but there’s no alternative to sashimi. Raw fish is really good and of all the things I’ve given up I think sushi and pho are the only ones I really miss.

Also, it’d be nice to have more options than veggie burgers when I’m out with friends. Having said that, some places do really good veggie burgers. Steamworks, for instance, does a great quinoa burger, and St. Augustine’s does a great veggie-patty.

While I’m at it, Meet in Gastown does some really cool vegan stuff too, but it’s all vegan, and I think that catches some people by surprise. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get into the fake-cheese mac and cheese, because I just don’t think cashew ‘cheez’ or nutritional yeast concoctions can replace the real thing. But it’s a good try.

The trick with being a vegetarian is to realize that you can’t just substitute everything with ‘alternatives’, you have to eat different stuff. There are so many tofu, soy, or ‘veggie’ fake-meats that it might feel like you don’t have to change your diet at all. You’ve got to dive into grains, explore the world of curries, high protein vegetables, nuts and seeds, and tofu as well.

It’s kind of like how you can’t expect sweet potatoes to be able to do the same things as regular potatoes, like make tasty hashbrowns. You have to play to a food’s strength, as I found out, when I kept setting up my sweet-potato-pan-fries to fail.

Bandidas is another good vegetarian spot. I went for the first time today and had the mexican breakfast. It’s a cool spot, and the water comes in mason jars which I really like, but I understand that some people see the mason-jar thing as a big hip stereotype. Well, I like it and it works. I’m just a simple (and very hip) man, I suppose. It’s on Commercial and the burritos are huge.

I like Commercial Drive a lot, and I hope it doesn’t get transformed into a sterile yuppie nightmare. There aren’t a lot of places in Vancouver that have an alternative feel like the drive. Everything there is small, it seems very inclusive (but I probably wouldn’t realize it if it wasn’t), and it’s got a down-to-earth sensibility. I’m curious to see what happens around there development-wise.