Yam Hashbrowns

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I almost burnt the yam hashbrowns this morning. I had the element way too hot and the room filled with smoke. It was so embarrassing.

I normally use red potatoes, but I’m branching out today. Maybe I’ll do up a little review. (The yams were a little burnt, but the overall breakfast experience left me satisfied. 3.5/5, I’d come back).

I’ve been eating two eggs, a tomato (sometimes an avocado too) and around three small red potatoes for breakfast every day for a while now. I really like breakfast and I was worried before I stopped eating meat that I’d miss bacon. And I do, but only a little bit. The smell is amazing though. I’ll sometimes wake up on the weekend and the place still smells like bacon from my roommate cooking breakfast early.

EDIT (30-10-19): I’m vegan now (have been for almost two years, and do NOT endorse the message contained in this post). Also, can you believe I used to eat two eggs, bacon, and fried potatoes every day?

Yams don’t fry as nicely. And we’re out of coffee filters. I knew that, I should’ve bought some yesterday! 

I’ve been thinking about picking up a little french press, because I figure it’ll make me drink less coffee and it’ll taste better. Then I’d need to get a grinder, and start buying whole beans. It’s a whole process.

I read about coffee culture in one of my classes last term. There’s a lot behind it, and people get so absorbed in the search for the perfect cup that they spend thousands on equipment. There are online communities dedicated to brewing espresso. It’s wild. Though I suppose it isn’t any more crazy then people who make their own beer.

I’m getting back into The X Files which, if you haven’t seen it, is probably the greatest police procedural ever. It’s like any other cop show, except the characters are awesome and the criminals are supernatural. Also, when they aren’t investigating odd crimes in small towns in the USA they’re unveiling the global conspiracy to hide alien existence. It’s a deep show.

You can see Vancouver all over the first few seasons. Even the SFU Burnaby campus makes a couple appearances.

I was a big David Duchovny fan from Californication, (another great show, except at the end), where he plays a washed up writer who (kind of) tries to get back with his ex-wife/girlfriend(?) and reunite with his daughter, but only halfheartedly. Years ago, when I was watching the show, I really idolized that character.

In Californication, the actor that plays Duchovny’s agent’s wife is Pamela Adlon (I just googled her) and it turns out she is also famous for doing the voice of Bobby Hill from King of the Hill. Crazy.

I love the old nineties-era Vancouver that you see in The X Files. It has the old skytrain (just in a couple), nineties cars on the roads, a less condo’d city, and the fashion style! It’s also neat that the city can be basically any US state the writer’s want it to be. What a versatile place.

I’m in season 6 now, and my biggest question is whether or not Scully and Mulder will get together by the end. I mean, they’d be so good together.

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